Davcoflex 777


Davcoflex 777

C2TE one component polymer modified cementitious tile adhesive.

Davcoflex 777 is a single component polymer modified cement-based tile adhesive specially designed and formulated for large format fully vitrified tiles and homogeneous porcelain tiles.

•Enhanced adhesion of low-porosity tiles to dense impervious substrates.
•Easy to mix, just add water.
•Extensive range of applications for interior and exterior wall and floor installation.

Davcoflex 777 is suitable to bond the following type of tiles:
•Ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, homogeneous porcelain tiles, marble and granites.
•Quarry and natural stone surfaces.
•Large format tiles.
Davcoflex 777 can be used on substrates such as:
•Concrete, cement-sand screed & render,
•Light weight concrete blocks (to be primed with Davco Bonding Agent),
•Plastered walls.

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