JOTUN Jotashield Infinity


JOTUN Jotashield Infinity

Jotun's Proven Best Protection
Jotashield Infinity is the Most Preferred Exterior Paint Brand in Southeast Asia*. Rigorously tested against other premium exterior paint brands and certified by independent laboratories, Jotashield Infinity stands as the proven best protection for homes facing such extreme climates. Boasting the longest-lasting colors, superior durability, and excellent dirt resistance, this premium formulation is crafted for the meticulous homeowner who demands nothing but the best.

Product Features:
  • Proven Durability: Jotashield Infinity’s best-in-class formula demonstrated excellent durability in external laboratory tests. The paint endures extreme weather, ensuring the exterior of your home will always look new and beautiful. 
  • Proven Colour Performance: With the longest lasting colours in South East Asia, Jotashield Infinity ensures freshly painted exterior walls retain their tone and vibrancy over time. Enjoy and take pride in a home that looks new every day, no matter the weather.
  • Proven Dirt Resistance: Jotashield Infinity has good resistance against dust and ugly dirt marks cause by a combination of pollution and rain keeping your home exterior looking clean and fresh.
  • Algae & Fungus Protection: Prevents algae and fungus unlike any other exterior paint.
  • Reduces Temperature: Paint reflects sunlight therefore reducing the surface temperature and cools your homes or buildings.
  • Water Resistant: Resist water ensuring less stain marks.
  • Formulated Without Harmful Chemicals: Free from harmful chemicals such as APEO, formaldehyde, heavy metals and has low volatile organic compound (VOC).
  • There might be a difference in color between new paint and old paint if they were applied at different times.
  • High moisture or cracks might also affect the paint, leading to color patches, peeling, and so on.
  • If you have any issues with your wall, please address them first to avoid any inconveniences.
Packaging: 5L/pail
*Different packaging and colors will be different prices*

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