Brickwork Reinforcement Mesh (Ex-Mesh)


Brickwork Reinforcement Mesh (Ex-Mesh)

Reinforced brickwork is preferable to un-reinforced brickwork in all types of buildings.
When embedded into the normal thickness of a brickwork-joint at every third joint, it forms an integral structure, which is strengthened against vibration, temperature change and tensional stresses (especially on reclaimed ground).

  • It is expanded steel mesh with continuity of steel.
  • It has no joints, welds or interweaving to fail under stress.
  • The mesh is anchored immovably so that the reinforcement cannot slip under tension.
  • This is the only type of brickwork reinforcement to give such a unique combination of all these advantages.


  1. Position the mesh flat within the brick bed joints.
  2. Overlap by a minimum of 75mm if joining two lengths together. The mesh should be laid every third brickwork course for most reinforcement.

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