THEAOSON Line Road Marking Spray Paint 840ml


THEAOSON Line Road Marking Spray Paint 840ml

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Volume : 840ml

ROAD LINE MARKING is a thermoplastic acrylic aerosol paint, specially designed for road marking paint. It adopts inverting spraying, hand-painting, machines spraying, has a uniform film, bright colours, fast drying, non-glare of plane, easy construction, UV irradiation, mechanical friction resistance, high mechanical strength, not sticky tires, water resistance, alkali resistance, and so on excellent performance.


  • Dries quickly in 15 mins
  • Non-bubbling, non-cracking paint
  • 70° High temperature resistant
  • Tough and wear resistant, scratch resistant
  • Uniform and thick film formation
  • Hard paint film
  • High Adhesion
  • Outstanding weather resistant
  • Easy To Use
  • Long Lasting


  • Suitable for roads, buildings, squares, stadiums, marking, miners, mines, etc lining and marking
  • Factory floor marking
  • Road marking
  • Plot marking
  • Parking marking
  • Road traffic marking
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