JOTUN Majestic Supreme Finish


JOTUN Majestic Supreme Finish

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An aesthetically pleasing home is not just about walls and furniture; it is also expressed through the finer details. With this in mind, the new Majestic Supreme Finish, our new water based paint for wood and metal delivers a flawless finish that leaves a lasting impression.

•Majestic Supreme Finish is, a water-based wood and metal paint with a beautiful flawless finish. Its excellent stain-resistant properties ensure easy cleaning, without the loss of rich colours. For the comfort of your family and a healthier home, Majestic Supreme Finish is low odour and dries more quickly than conventional solvent-based paint.

•Beautiful Flawless Finish.
•Superior Easy Clean.
•Low Odour.
•Fast Drying Time.

‚ěĘPackaging: 1L/pail; 5L/pail
*Different packaging and colors will be different prices*

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