NIPPON 8100 Weatherbond Sealer


NIPPON 8100 Weatherbond Sealer

8100 Weatherbond Sealer is a latex-rich styrene acrylic water-based sealer that is specially formulated to provide the ultimate protection for the finishing coats. It has excellent hiding, which promotes a richer colour appearance. This premium exterior sealer also provides excellent protection against alkaline and efflorescence.

Product Features:
•Excellent efflorescence resistance.
•Excellent alkaline resistance.
•Excellent hiding and high build.
•Excellent adhesion.
•Promotes richer colour appearance.
•Excellent water resistance.
•Excellent spattering resistance.
•Ultra low odour and VOC.
•Excellent for new walls and repainting.

‚ěĘPackaging: 5L/pail, 15L/pail

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