Kansai Par Weathercoat


Kansai Par Weathercoat

PAR Weathercoat is an acrylic resin, high performance exterior wall finish specially formulated to withstand the hardest tropical climate. It comes with 7 years of protection to exterior walls against fungus and algae growth, flaking and chalking.

Product Features:
•For use on new or previously painted exterior masonry surfaces such as brickwork, plaster, cement rendering and asbestos where performance of up to 7 years protection is required.
•Available for 1 Litre, 5Litre & 15Litre.
•Different colour & packaging will be different price.

7 Years Protection                                                              Excellent Colour Retention
Tough Synthetic Finish - Washable                              Excellent Fungal & Algae Resistance
No Added Lead Or Mercury                                              Low VOC & Odour
Acrylic Resin - Withstand Tough Climate                    SIRIM Eco Label

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