Hardex Anti-Fungus White Silicone (RS-850W) 75G


Hardex Anti-Fungus White Silicone (RS-850W) 75G

Hardex Bathroom & Kitchen Silicone specially formulated for bathroom and flexible waterproof seal. Ideal to use on wet and damp areas which require anti-fungus application such as kitchen, bathroom, laundry areas, sinks, bath tub, basins and also ceramic tiles.

Product Information :
➤Model: RS-850W
➤Weight: 75g
➤100% White Silicone Rubber
➤Bathroom & Kitchen Silicone

Direction :
1. Surfaces must be clean, dry and oil free.
2. Remove storage cap and pierce the end of the tube. Cut nozzle to desired opening and screw to the tube.
3. Hold tube at slight angle, squeezing tube from bottom with firm and continuous pressure.
4. Wipe off excess sealant with paper towel. Damp cloth with turpentine or solvent to wipe off wrongly applied area to avoid staining.
5. Set in 10 to 15 minutes and can be handle in 1 hour. Fully bond in 24 hours.

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