PVC is a Thermoplastic Pipe and Fittings that is widely used in Malaysia and around the globe for it's durable polymer for both Underground and Aboveground piping system and usually used for variety of application of pressure and gravity based application including in Potable water distribution, Irrigation system and sewer industries. It's lightweight, High pressure resistance and Low reactivity to chemical makes it the common choices for most plumber in commercial and industrial uses.

Notable PVC Pipes and Fittings Characteristic :
•Lightweight PVC Pipes & Fittings makes it the economical choices to handle, transport and install.
•PVC Pipes have the smoother wall surfaces for less friction and resistance in-flow thus increasing the flow-rates.
•PVC are non-conductor and immune to electrochemical reaction by acids, alkalis and salts which otherwise corrosive to metals pipes.
•PVC Pipes & Fittings provides great resistance to wide range of chemicals found or used in homes.
•PVC are difficult to ignite and will resist to continue burning if the external ignition sources is absent.
•Under normal usage, PVC Pipes & Fittings exhibits relatively high impact resistance.
•In term of Installation and life-cycle usage, PVC & UPVC are the great choice for your pocket.
•PVC pressure piping system is suitable for cold water service such as water reticulation and irrigation system.
•These PVC pressure fittings are used for solvent cement jointing to PVC pressure pipes.

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